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My name is Kim Offner and I am the owner of Alpison Kennels.  We are a racing kennel based in Smythesdale, Victoria, Australia.

I have always had dogs.  They have been a part of my life and my family's since I can remember.  I have been passionate about huskies and sleddog racing  for over 10 years. 

My first encounter with a Siberian Husky was at a show in 1992 and I fell in love!   I moved out of my parent's home in April 1996 and by June I owned my first Siberian puppy named Jake.  He was your typical Siberian, headstrong but such a loyal and beautiful boy. 

I made a big move to Perth in Western Australia and in July 1999, a second Siberian boy called Bear joined my family.  In 2004 Sonny, who was aged four at the time, also became part of the pack and he and Bear soon became the best of mates.  That year was also my second season of travelling to the sleddog races on the East Coast. 

In January 2007 the first female addition arrived.   I named her Alpine (Ali) and she was such a happy, easy going puppy and fitted straight in.  The boys loved her, naturally!!!

At the end of 2007 I moved to Smythesdale in Victoria and this is where Alpison Kennels started.  In January 2009 two Alaskan Huskies joined us.  They were litter sisters Electra and Chena.  Alpine's maternal instincts kicked in and she took the girls straight under her wing.

In March 2010 Alpine had her first litter under the prefix "Coldfoot" to the gorgeous Riva.  She was an outstanding mother to her eight puppies, two of which I kept here at Alpison.  They are litter brothers  Rogue and Winter.

Born in January 2012, three very spunky girls were a welcome addition to Alpison.  Darka, Healy and Sass are from Alpine's second litter to Sully from Idigadog Kennels.  They are awesome little girls with lots of attitude and have become a major part of my kennel on the track as leaders and hopefully one day they will have Alpison pups of their own.

In November of the same year I added two more handsome boys to our family, Axel and Panda.  They are both so much like their father Rogue and Uncle Winter.  Extremely talkative, outgoing, Axel more so, and both have a strong work ethic.  Axel just doesn't want to stop and Panda has been learning to lead. 

All of my dogs spend time inside our home and love lounging around watching tv.  First and foremost, they are my family!

We are looking forward to what the future holds for Alpison Kennels.  Thanks for visiting and please take a look around our site.